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Powerful VPS hosting offers in

Europe, Asia and USA!

Starting From €5/m
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Affordable cPanel & DirectAdmin

Licences for servers

Manage your website and apps at ease.
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Dedicated Server hosting

in Europe, Asia & USA

Starts from €39/m!
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Dedicated Servers

A dedicated hosting service to get an entire server not shared with anyone.


A VPS hosting environment which mimics a dedicated server within a shared environment.


Now enjoy all of your colocation hosting needs with higher levels of physical security

What we Provide You

Your own FULL root access. Reliable support. Solid networking.

Easy to use

Automatic VPS provisioning, VPS and your personal account management at the same place.KVM over IP management for dedicated root servers on request and many more things.

Unlimited Options

You can start small, but scale up when you grow. We are flexible - all our hosting services are upgradable when ever you feel necessary!

Automated Backups

We do backups from your VPS content at least once a week. It is something you can rely on, but always keep in mind, create backups from your system by yourself,too!


In case you face the technical issues or need some technical help, feel free to contact our Support via Support Ticket system.

Facts About Us

Let's see what other's have to say about EstNOC! 3.000+ customers can not be wrong!




Sites Hosted


Happy Clients

- Juhan Tuha

I've been customer of EstNOC with their Estonian VPS hosting for 4+ years by now! Excellent uptime, excellent communications with support and overall very pleasant place to be! Yours truly, J.

- Ahmad Khaleb

I'm very satisfied with those 100TB series dedicated servers in Bulgaria, Romania and Switzerland! My nodes are running 10th month without a glitch by now!

- Sun Due Ho

Our EstNOC's servers in Malaysia and Hong Kong are giving us the best uptime and flawless networking all over the Asia and it is hard to express here how happy i am that i found EstNOC .MY and .HK server offers. Definitely PRO!Recommended provider.

- Jari Kuovi

EstNOC provides colocation for our hardware in Estonia and Sweden since Autumn 2016. Support is answering to tickets in reasonable time and also pricing was the very best at the time of our agreement. Network is very reliable and it's wellconnected all over the world.


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