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Only certified and secure data centres!

Available in more than 30 locations worldwide

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Build to grow with you and your clients.

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Operating and serving customers since 2008.

Officially registered company in Estonia.

Headquartered in Estonian Republic

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VPS hosting in Europe, Asia and North America:

We include in our network ONLY the best tier 1 ISP's depending on location,such as CenturyLink (Level3), Cogent, NTT, Telia, PCCW Global, China Telecom, China Unicom, Korea Telecom and many more.

In most of our locations we are also peering with local or regional Internet Exchanges (IX's) such as NL-IX, DE-CIX, PHopenIX, NETNOD, TLLiX, HK-iX, FL-IX and many more.

All racks are equipped with redundant power feeds (A+B). In many locations electricity is provided by two or more energy companies.

All data centres are backed up with dual redundant diesel generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS's) to provide the electricity for emergency cases when accidentially electricity from city powerfeeds are down. Diesel generators with full tank can hold servers and whole infrastructure up for 16 hours (at least) non-stop. Contracted fuel providers must bring the fuel in 2 (in some locations max 6h) hours when it is ordered.

All datacentres are equipped with cold-hot corridors.

Redundant cooling systems are used in all datacentres. Humidity is also under control.

.The whole data centre is monitored 24x7 by CCTV and on premises security patrols.

There are contracts with local Security companies aswell.

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