What is a dedicated server?

Have you had an experience of customers complaining about your website running slow? You must have thought that you have a reputable server hosting but unfortunately you are using a shared hosting, that is why you are getting all that complaints about slow website running. Now it’s time to move to a dedicated server to resolve all issues. But what does dedicated server mean and how does it work?? It sounds very technical but actually it is not. It is a server that is hosted by a single company and website and allows access to that particular company only and is not shared with anyone else is known as a dedicated server. It is a computer that is used only for a single task i.e. hosting a website. Because of dedicated server, a server is reserved on a network for your website. As mentioned above, it has a single client and it allows its client to choose the operating system and the type of hardware. The hosting company provides a single server to handle the workload of that particular website.

The hosting company also offers the maintenance of the dedicated server which includes:-

Updates of operating system, update of any application installed in the system, scanning of the applications, preventing of the applications installed, data backups etc. The dedicated server hosting company also provides security measures to their clients and it protects from anti-virus. You can pay monthly, quarterly and yearly fees to use a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are a bit expensive but it will give you great benefits. It is worth buying. The internet hosting companies state that dedicated server helps you in saving router, internet connection, security and network administration cost. Dedicated server is using the entire server on your own whereas if you use shared hosting, that means you are sharing your server with hundreds of other websites. Now you can imagine how much difference it will create if you are using a dedicated server.

Benefits of Dedicated server hosting

  • When you use the dedicated server then you are sure that your server cannot be shared by anyone. You will not have to worry about other websites obstructing your server and slowing down your server.
  • Selecting a dedicated server hosting guarantees the improvement of your performance. It helps in maintaining traffic on your website and makes it more stable and reliable.
  • Dedicated servers provide you the security system. There will be the least chance of your website getting hacked and losing data because of its high quality of security system.
  • A great flexibility comes with choosing a dedicated server because a dedicated server allows its clients to select and customize the server and choose what type of operating system to be installed and the types of hardware as well.
  • Dedicated servers can be maintained very easily because mostly web hosting companies come up with the package which includes all the updates and installations. You can go for trouble free maintenance with dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server V/S Cloud Server

Cloud servers can perform the same tasks that can be performed by a dedicated server. The difference between them is that dedicated server is a physical hardware whereas cloud server is virtual and it is managed by cloud hosting provider. Cloud server can also give the level of security and speed that a dedicated server gives but cloud server can only be used for smaller organization. If you have a large business and organization then you should go with the dedicated server only. Another major difference between the two is that cloud server is more cost efficient and doesn’t require high maintenance whereas dedicated server is comparatively costly and the setup also needs high maintenance.

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