Web server hosting is a type of business of providing access to the websites and the activity of providing storage space. In simpler words, it is a service that gives access to any organization or individual, to post something on the internet via website or web portal. Web hosting provider also helps in providing any services and technologies that are required to post something on the website that can be viewed on the internet. If any internet user types the name or your website address and if their browser connects them to your webpage and your website can be seen by them over the internet that means you are using the right web server hosting. A web hosting provider also helps you in purchasing domain, if you don’t have your own domain.

You must have experienced customers complaining about your website running slow. You must have had that thought in your mind that if you have a reputable server hosting then why is your website running slow. The reason behind this is your web hosting. You probably are not using a dedicated server hosting and you must be using a shared hosting. That is why you are getting all those complaints and issues.

The question is how a dedicated hosting is different from any other web hosting?

Dedicated server is a server that is hosted by a single company and website, it allows access to that particular company only and is not shared with anyone else. It is known as a dedicated server. It is a computer that is used only for a single task i.e. hosting a website. Because of dedicated server, a server is reserved on a network for your website. As mentioned above, it has a single client and it allows its client to choose the operating system and the type of hardware. The hosting company provides a single server to handle the workload of that particular website.

The hosting company also offers the maintenance of the dedicated server which includes, updates of operating system, updates of any application installed in the system, scanning of the applications, preventing of the applications installed and data backups. The dedicated server hosting company also provides security measures to its clients and it protects from viruses. You can pay monthly, quarterly and yearly fees to use a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are a bit expensive but it will give you great benefits. It is worth buying. The internet hosting companies state that dedicated server helps you in saving router, internet connection, security and network administration cost.

Dedicated server is using the entire server on your own whereas if you use shared hosting, that means you are sharing your server with hundreds of other websites. The difference that is created by dedicated hosting and other web hosting is huge.

  • ● Some tips to choose the right server hosting:-
    • ❏ The first step is to know the type of hosting you will be required. It is very important to know what type of web hosting you need, and then only you can proceed further. The type of web hosting server depends on so many things like what type of website you are going to use, you need any window application also, and you need any special software for website, the size of web traffic and so on.
    • ❏ Another very important point is the server should be reliable and the speed quality of the server should also be high. The server should work properly 24*7 because you don’t know that your website is viewed by the people of which country. As every country has its different time zone. The network connection should also be good. You can check online and by reading the reviews of any company according to these points.
    • ❏ There are so many types of web server hosting available in the market. For example, shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud server hosting and dedicated server hosting. Irrespective of whichever server you choose, you should be sure that it has the option of upgrading the server. For example, if you are using a shared server hosting but you want to move to a cloud server for better speed and less web traffic then you can easily upgrade your hosting server by paying some extra money. Because you don’t know what you will need next depending on the success of your website.
    • ❏ You should definitely go for the type of web hosting which can allow you to own a maximum number of domains. People often make this mistake of ignoring this specification of a web hosting server. But this is also one of the important ones to remember. You can go for the web hosting server which allows you to use about 25 domains at least.
    • ❏ Make sure that you choose sign up option, not the one which has the option of renewable price. Sign up option is a way cheaper than renewable option and both work the same way.
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